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I wanna say a big up to DELICATE who write a comment under every single pic I’ve posted. He did an incredible job with poetry and feeling…

Special thanks to my dear friend OLI who encouraged me for a year to start with a new blog while the old ones were colsed.

Thanks to GUILLAUME , he sent me so many cute pics from his own collection.

Tkanks to MILES for his support. I know we share the most precious thing in the world…

Thanks to PASCAL for his support and encouragement.

Thanks to ROMAN and KAI for the inspiration they gave me.

Thanks to RYAN and JESSIE my new buddies. I appreciate what you bring to me. You’re still in my heart.

And at last I would to thank ALL the people who visited my pages during this year, who leave comments or just appreciate my work.


That’s our FIRST Birthday but I wish us an exciting year to come….

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Skyler comes from the sky

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cute blond for Ryan

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violettes printanières

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Sunday QT

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Les yeux dans les yeux

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Dedicated to Delicate

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