I’ve done today a fatal error for this page and the site crushed down. I had no other solutions to shut down the site. But my very talented friend from Canada help me and we (I should say he) manage to fix the problem. Without him this page will have no future. I just ask to the followers of this page and people who love this page to leave a thanks comments to him….

Ich habe heute einen tödlichen Fehler gemacht und die Seite war total unerreichbar geworden. Ich hatte keine andere Lösungen diese Seite zu schließen. Aber mein begabter Freund aus Kanada hilft mir und wir (besser gesagt und er) reparieren die Probleme. Ohne ihn würde diese Seite ganz für immer verloren. Ich bitte euch, die diese Seite mögen ein Dankeschön an Jessie  zu lassen.

J’ai commis une erreur fatale aujourd’hui si bien que le site était devenu totalement inaccessible. Il ne me restait comme unique solution de le fermer. Mais mon ami Jessie du Canada m’a aidé avec beaucoup de talent à corriger toutes les erreurs. Sans lui ce site serait définitivement perdu. Je demande à tous ceux qui suivent et aiment cette page de lui laisser  un message de remerciement.

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17 Responses to “A BIG THANKS TO JESSIE”

  1. roddy9uk says:

    Thank you Jessie! I had only just discovered this site and it would have been a shame for it to have vanished so soon.

  2. miles says:

    Hi Jessie, you are just great. I know what it means to reinstall a wordpress-site with a broken link. It would have been so hard to see headshotfaceboys go down for technical reasons, cause Franz always has the nicest of boypics. So, if it were’nt for you and your knowledge, we most probably would have missed headshotfaceboys for a long time.
    Thank you again for having the site sooo quickly online again in the old fashion. Thank you for being a friend. :)
    <3 miles with lots of rainbowhugs

  3. Jessie says:

    You are welcome to comment in any language, not only English! My response will be the same – you are welcome and it was my pleasure! I’m a fan of this blog as well and I couldn’t stand to see it go down and what it would do to my friend and his fans :). I’m only glad I was able to play a part in getting this beauty out to the world!!

    So thank you Admin, roddy9uk and miles for commenting and you are welcome!

  4. panther says:

    Well done my very good friend!! Looks like my leaving you be for once paid off 😉 and allowed you to work your tech magic here :) To help out another one of our dear friends. It’s a massive thanx from me for helping to keep this board alive. Great work :)

  5. Léo says:

    Thanks, realy. This site is amazing and it would be so sad to lose it. Nice that you helped.

  6. Dominic says:

    Thank you Jessie! I love this site and has been a source of great pleasure for many a’days! Long live Headshotsfaceboys!!!

  7. miles says:

    Oh, to have a friend like Jessie!

  8. tahoechris80 says:

    ~There is none that surpasses the beauty of boys their essence unspoiled and ethereal in its complexity each unique and individual to himself. Your site with basically just face shots alone leaves no question that we are viewing the total boy, not as an object of desire but as the essence of creation, the meld of two linked to many each with features drawn from a mix sometimes going back thousands of years. If this can not be valued for what it truly is then you have missed the real essence, value, and outright completeness that they offer.
    Thank you for your site and so happy that you were able to keep it afloat!

  9. Ryan says:

    Thank You Jessie for keeping this beautiful website up and running! :)

  10. Alex13 says:

    I’m brand new to this site and so thankful that you guys put in the time and effort to keep this most beautiful site alive and well. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

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