petite gueule d’amour


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  1. admin says:

    Please note I’ll be on vacation till November 2nd…
    Ich möchte mitteilen, ich fahre in Urlaub bis zum 2. November…
    Veullez noter que je serai en vacances jsuqu’au 2 novembre…

  2. Vincento says:

    Thank you so much for posting this beautiful picture. This boy has the face of an angel.

  3. Alex13 says:

    Yes, this boy has the face of an angel. Love his deep dark brown eyes, his lovely skin and beautiful lips. Truly a beautiful boy.

  4. robbie says:


  5. miles says:

    waiting impatiently for the new beautiful update. :)

  6. miles says:

    Something strage happend with the lil boys rating counter, It was at 90 and I thought how high it might go, cause you had still some offtime. And than it happened: The rating meter suddenly dropped back to 70 :( and we had to start from this 70: :) But this lil cutie did verrrry good, didnt he?
    lots of rainbowhugs: miles

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