Un bonnet rouge


Rating 4.46 out of 5

5 Responses to “Un bonnet rouge”

  1. miles says:

    Wow, look at his long eyelashes … and his lips. . . and

  2. Alex13 says:

    Wow he is just totally beautiful… Anyone who say’s boys can’t be beautiful or pretty (in a boyish way), this boy sure proves them wrong…

  3. OldMan54 says:

    Alex13, I agree. This boy is beautiful. I melt when I look at his eyelashes and lips. I also love his hair. He is gorgeous.

  4. Vincento says:

    This boy is EXTREMELY PRETTY. I could look at his beautiful young face all day. Scores of women spend countless hours and thousands of dollars every year trying to get the kind of beauty that this boy possesses naturally. In fact, somebody once said, “When a women is beautiful, it is only because she looks like a pretty boy”. I couldn’t agree more !

  5. Sam says:

    does any one know who this cutie is please….??

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