Adventskalender : 22. Dezember


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4 Responses to “Adventskalender : 22. Dezember”

  1. Alex13 says:

    WOW,I love this boy. He is so beautiful, what a cute face, such kissable lips, lovely hair, nice skin and pretty eyes. Totally love him… :)

  2. miles says:

    Well he doesn’t look as dressed up as last days x-mas angel. But if all boys looked as cute as him, … well, what a fine world we would live in.
    … and it must be womewhat cold where he lives. Not so in mideuropa where we have temps of 10 Centigrade.

  3. miles says:

    hey Alex13, we know who we voted for.
    hey people outsidwe: Look at his cute smile!!

  4. OldMan54 says:

    This lovely young boy accepted my invitation to the first annual New Year’s Eve party exclusively for men and boys. He is my date. I will ring in the new year by giving him a kiss on those beautiful lips.

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