Cute Joey

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5 Responses to “Cute Joey”

  1. admin says:

    I’m back after a few days with technical problems….

  2. miles says:

    pls. whats cute Joeys’ full name?
    (be careful with your clicks on any “Yes-button”, my compy has had to be in repair for 6 Six weeks – for 153 €).

    • admin says:

      Miles is in love…
      His name is Joey Luthman.
      (I haven’t understand what you mean with the yes button, can you explain me ?)

      • miles says:

        <hi mr. admin;
        Clicking the wrong yes-buttons one usually gets the most of malware, <i got that malware, nested deep down in my BIOS, being unable to remove it by myself, it cost a new HD, and a new mainboard, and a total reconfiguration of my compy. Praise be the lord that I did complete backups weekly. So i got 99% of my data back. Well ehhhhhmmmm….. :).
        there are many of bs, that I could be possibly in love with,,, if I only wer younger, He is just okne of them cuties.
        with rainbowhugs
        <3 miles

  3. OldMan54 says:

    I think I’m in love with Joey, too. I’d love to go on a date with him. He sure is cute.

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