blaue Karotten


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  1. admin says:

    Daaaaanke Miles für das wunderschöne Geschenk !….
    Du hast wirklich Geschmack…..

  2. miles says:

    Is Möhre a petword for redhead in France?
    Thought, you might like him as much as I do.
    What I’d like to do? – Try to kisss away all those freckles – one by one. – except a few. :)) But only if he allowed me to. “Geschmack kommt von schmecken. Hmmmmm.)
    I think, he is an absolute beauty.

  3. admin says:

    Yes Miles in France we say “poil de carotte” for redhead.

  4. haircutboy says:

    Wow. So much cute freckles. This boy is playing a lot outside in the sun.
    The red hair is really beautiful. You must take a close look on red hair, when it is shimmering in the sun. Then it´s very colorful, you can see all colours from white, blonde, yellow, orange, red, brown. That´s amazing.

  5. Alex13 says:

    This boy is beautiful, I love boys with freckles.

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