Ein echter Engel


Rating 4.50 out of 5

10 Responses to “Ein echter Engel”

  1. Ryan says:

    Nice boy pic, love the colour of his eyes :)

  2. miles says:

    And the color of his wings is soooo beautiful. Ehhh??
    Wings?? I am talking about his soo beautiful eyes. Aw.
    …, and his T is in wonderful blue.
    But I’m mesmerized by his ever soo beautiful eyes.
    B.T.W.: I call him peaches – you know why – he knows why. Peaches are very juicy. :)

  3. alan Dwight says:

    My German is not good enough to understand “echter” but he is certainly ein Engel. Yes, his eyes are beautiful but I’m surprised nobody his mentioned his oh-so-kissable lips! What a find!

  4. davo says:

    a real stunner and a heart breaker,,,,coz he’s just broken mine,,he’d be perfect all over xx

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