Brothers in Love

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Rating 4.35 out of 5

5 Responses to “Brothers in Love”

  1. Alex13 says:

    Adorable brothers, all of them… However, I especially like the older brother in the middle and the older brother on the bottom is totally beautiful with his magnificent eyes, blond hair, kissable lips and is the ideal age for me…

  2. miles says:

    Of course, I like them all. but the tree blondd qties in pic. 2 & 3 are special.
    …, and look how tightly the smiling Little holds the arm of his friend in pic 3. :)
    To say it once more: I don’t like “trendy”(?) short hair.
    with rainbowhugs
    <3 miles

  3. Ryan says:

    Go team blond! 😛

  4. OldMan54 says:

    Alex13, you and I have the same taste. I love the older brother with the blonde hair in the last picture. He’s absolutely gorgeous! I wish he was my boy!

  5. potgod says:

    Definitely the two older boys in the middle and bottom pic’s my age too sweet and tender

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