ein Hauch von Glückseligkeit


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7 Responses to “ein Hauch von Glückseligkeit”

  1. miles says:

    Toll! Suuuuper! Quietsch! Warum quietsch? Den Mr. Beautiful im Auto, und da bliebe nur ne Vollbremsung.
    Cuuute!! Suuuper-cuuute! IIIEK! Why IIIEK? having this Subper-cutie in the car, would definitely …. mpeng, pow, Shriek. Oh Jesus,, he is soooooo
    with rainbowhugs
    <3 miles

  2. Alex13 says:

    Wow, my heart stopped beating for a second what I saw this most spectacular boy… He is just beautiful… His hair, his eyes,his kissable lips and lovely creamy white smooth skin… Wow I’m totally in love with this boy…. :) Thanks…:)

  3. OldMan54 says:

    So am I, Alex. Look at those lips, his hair, his eyes, his young muscles. I love this boy, too! I would love to kiss him.

  4. Ryan says:

    Another awesome blond boy! You can never have enough blond boys, they just brighten up your day! :) Thanks Franz

  5. nim says:

    is there any more of him?

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