braces ‘n smile


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  1. admin says:

    Thanks to Alex13 for this second contribution…very nice find

    • miles says:

      und was muss man tun für eine “contribution”?
      with rainbowhugs
      <3 miles

      • admin says:

        Lieber Miles, “eine Contiubution” ist ein Foto, das du vorschlägst…Auf der Homepage oben rechts auf “Contact and Submit” klicken…Ganz einfach !

    • Alex13 says:

      When I saw this boy, I could not resist. His smile, those blue eyes, his hair, just a totally lovely boy. So sweet, fun and yes so kissable… I thought Oldman54 would like to kiss him too… :)

  2. alan Dwight says:

    A cute boy and a cute picture. You folks are certainly challenging my two years of college German!

  3. OldMan54 says:

    Thanks, Alex12. He’s sooooo cute. I love his braces, long blonde hair, blue, adorable face, and perfect age (12?). I would take him in a heartbeat. I think we have the same “taste” in boys.

    • Alex13 says:

      Yes Oldman54, I think we do have the same “taste” in boys and he does look about 12… That very magical age for a boy… :) If I had more time I would try to read the German in Google translate… LOL

  4. potgod says:

    He’s so sweet I would love him forever

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