3 years together


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  1. admin says:

    The 26th of april it was the third birthday of this page, that was created in april 2011. I wanted to take this occasion to thanks all my friends here : the ones who inspired me to do this page, the ones who helped me to fix all the technical problems, the ones who write so nice comments, the followers etc… Thanks for your support ! I love you all…

  2. admin says:

    A new FOLLOW button has been added on the right corner down.
    Sie finden eine neue Funktion “FOLLOW” unten rechts.
    En bas à droite se trouve une nouvelle fonction “FOLLOW” pour suivre le blog.

  3. alan Dwight says:

    Happy birthday and welcome back!

  4. miles says:

    hey what else could we do, but love this qt. Lips, eyes, hair: all highly kissable. …, and his smile is to die for.
    with rainbowhugs
    <3 miles
    p.s. I love you too franz.

    • miles says:

      I still prefer this b/w-cutie to the next colored one. Maybe, because I can imagine to tousle his beautiful hair?
      the new follow – button is missing as well as the Sidbar-pics. :(
      I’m working with the newest ed. of firefox.???

  5. Alex13 says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday, although I am fairly new here, I really enjoy this site and all the work you do. Thanks for sharing the beauty of the boy, which so many of us truely love and admire. And this boy is no exception, he is beautiful, lovely smile, pretty eyes an such full kissable lips…

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