right between the eyes


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  1. Alex13 says:

    Very cute boy, his eyes are amazing, love his freckles.

  2. miles says:

    Hey, I really don’t understand the title of this dark pic. I would never, never choose such a title. (?)

  3. alan Dwight says:

    I haven’t really decided whether I like this picture or not. He’s very good looking, of course, with luscious lips, haunting eyes, and cute freckles. I would guess he’s French. But it’s almost too haunting. I guess I agree with Miles about the title, although I get it. Are you aware that in this country when we talk about “right between the eyes” we’re talking about shooting somebody? Scary thought. Anyway, keep posting. I really enjoy this site.

    • admin says:

      Okay guys, I understand now….I’m sorry, forgive me please cause english is not my first langage. I’m a french native speaker and I speak fluently german too, and I have sometimes problems with english….

  4. miles says:

    Alan you are soo right.
    and to the Admin: of course you are forgiven.
    thanks again Alan and admin.
    with rainbowhugs to all of you
    <3 miles

  5. alan Dwight says:

    Not a problem. I think you do very well. I’m only fluent in (American) English. Again, thanks as always for posting the photos. Do you know anything about this boy?

  6. Denae says:


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