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9 Responses to “Knoten”

  1. Alex13 says:

    Wow, what a cute boy. Love his blond hair, cute face and hint of freckles…

    • OldMan54 says:

      Alex, I totally agree. He is a cutie pie. His face is beautiful. I would love to chat with you. It seems we have the same “taste” in boys.

      • Alex13 says:

        Yes I agree oldman, we do have the same “taste in boys”. Would love to chat with you too. Let me know.

        • OldMan54 says:

          Can I send a private message to you so we can exchange emails? Or can we chat about boys LIVE?

          • Alex13 says:

            Is there a way to send messages privately? I have yahoo messenger and Google plus we can chat on either of those. Perhaps Franz can tell us how to send a private message?

          • admin says:

            Hi Alex and Oldman. I promise you I’ll try to install something like a little chat or something easy to send private message for members….keep in touch !

          • Ryan says:

            Wow! Yes it is true this a really good picture :) Go team blond! :)

  2. alan Dwight says:

    He’s adorable. I think, from that little smile that something is going on in his head which amuses him. Love the hair and the freckles as well.

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