Clair Obscur


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5 Responses to “Clair Obscur”

  1. miles says:

    This haircut is just for more profit of the barbers. Whatmaybe okay for Soccerplayers does not look good on boys – just my opinion.

  2. Alan Dwight says:

    I agree about the haircut, but, overlooking that, he’s a handsome boy. Where do you find boys with such luscious lips? So kissable!

  3. admin says:

    Alan, I take time to find boys on the web, I want cute boys who are not shown everywhere…I really appreciate if you enjoy what I find….

  4. Alan Dwight says:

    Yes, admin. I appreciate many of your finds and all of your effort.

  5. miles says:

    Hi Alan, Hi Admin,
    I agree most of us do!! :)

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