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  1. Alan Dwight says:

    A beautiful boy! I love everything about him. Thanks!

  2. Alan Dwight says:

    I don’t understand why there are no more comments on this photo. He’s beautiful, his features are perfect. His eyes are deep and thoughtful, his nose and ears are well-proportioned, and his mouth is to die for.

  3. miles says:

    The reason might be, cause the pic has a lil blur? it is not for thebeautiful boy.

  4. Alan Dwight says:

    No. A blur makes no difference. He’s beautiful. So he’s Victor. Do you know his surname?

  5. Alan Dwight says:

    Thanks. I’ll check him out.

  6. miles says:

    Alan, do I have to follow your opinion, or am I allowed to have my own….,

  7. Alan Dwight says:

    Miles, I’m not sure what you mean. Of course you should follow your own opinion. My opinion is very personal. I know what I like, but that certainly doesn’t mean others should necessarily follow me.

  8. Ivor says:

    Good looking boy in nicely taken photo.

  9. paperpaul says:

    Wow he is so perfect. He has no flaws

  10. Hakane says:

    Close to perfect..i think

  11. Edin says:

    A boy or an angel? Both.

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