Chatain intense


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  1. Alan Dwight says:

    Another beautiful boy. I like the way the color of his eyes matches his hair, and I love hair like that. He has a wonderful smile. Somebody someday is going to be very happy kissing those lips. (What does “Chatain” mean?). Thanks for sharing him.

  2. Alan Dwight says:

    A much nicer word than “brown.”

  3. miles says:

    wWooOOOWWW :))

  4. Zero says:

    Wow….very sweet boy. So wonderful freckles and nice hair!

  5. Oldman54 says:

    Wow! He is just the kind of boy I like. I love his hair. He is soooo cute.

  6. Ian says:

    This is Yamada Ryosuke from Hey Say Jump! band

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