Adventskalender 1


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  1. Alan says:

    Cute boys! I especially like the middle boy in photo 1. I wonder who cuts their hair. Especially the boy on the right. I’ll take any and all of them!

    • Felix says:

      The boy in the middle is Dylan Patton, the twins are Dylan and Cole Sprouse.
      I agree, their hairstyles are really beautiful. I like long hair. Pity that today most boys have short hair or – even worse – buzzcuts.

  2. admin says:

    I’ve decided to continue the tradition of the “Adventskalender”. i’m a little late, but I’ll try to post every day a new pic during this time…Enjoy.
    Ich habe mich entschieden,die alte Tradition des Adventskalenders fortzusetzen und ich werde mich bemühen, jeden Tag ein “Türchen” zu posten…Viel Spaß !
    J’ai décidé de reprendre la tradition du calendrier de l’Avent et je vais essayer de poster chaque jour un portrait. Amusez vous bien !

  3. Jules says:

    Génial !
    Tu commences fort ton calendrier avec ces trois blondinets !

  4. potgod says:

    All three are gorgeous just purely beautiful

  5. ffc says:

    just the boy on the left and right are so beautiful not the midlle

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