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2 Responses to “Bärchen”

  1. Alan says:

    Sweet boy. Love his face, especially the color of his eyes. Wish I could see his hair!

  2. KD says:

    A non-white kid! Even if he is incredibly light skinned and has blue eyes, it’s still nice to see for a change.

    I know it comes down to people’s tastes ultimately, and because I’m attracted to femininity and long-ish hair I find far fewer black boys attractive than others (most of us have shaved hair which is a put-off) so my tastes aren’t even that different to the majority here, I just like to see different people being included.

    We did talk about this a while ago and I had to clarify that what I’m addressing is not racism or bigotry, it’s homogeneity/exclusivity – I’m just saying it’s nice when there’s more variety, not that anybody’s being malicious. Most people assume I must be accusing them of being racist and that’s missing the point.

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