prince noir


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  1. miles says:

    I am looking cuute, hey?! :)
    WOOOOW. But dear, deer dont have vlue eyes — and nobody has seen a cute black-haired deer.

  2. Alan Dwight says:

    Oh wow! Not sure his eyes are blue. They look almost charcoal to me. His lips are so kissable and his eyes are so sexy. Black is the perfect color for him. He’s going to break a lot of hearts!

  3. Jules says:

    Encore un très beau garçon mais cette fois-ci d’un type assez rare. Un poil noir qui contraste bien avec la peau blanche et des yeux d’une couleur très particulière. Bravo aussi au photographe !

  4. KangarooDave says:

    Man, human diversity never ceases to shock me. He has to be one of the most stunningly beautiful boys I’ve ever seen…God he’s insane!

    The funny side of boys this breathtakingly pretty is hearing the supposedly ‘normal’ people (as in with no acknowledged appreciation of child attractiveness) describing them.

    You’re guaranteed to have people say how “handsome” he is when it’s so painfully obvious that his looks aren’t of the handsome description but of the beautiful/pretty, or at the very least cute, category. David Beckham is handsome – this is pretty, but lots of people refuse to acknowledge that and will even say “boys can’t be pretty” like it’s 2 + 2 = 4!

    Also it’s painfully obvious that he’s incredibly good looking, yet because he’s not a girl most men won’t know how to approach that because to acknowledge it would make them a ‘P-word’. I mean shucks, it’s almost like the determining factor is largely whether or not we accept what we already see, ain’t it?

    People are strange; thank God I’m a stranger.


  5. miles says:

    Why not give him the attribute he really deserves: He is a masterpiece- artwork

  6. Alan Dwight says:

    Amen, Miles and David. Such a lovely boy. Does anyone know who he is?

  7. KangarooDave says:

    And yeah, those dark grey/charcoal eyes are incredible and so unique.

    That’s what I love about the diversity of beauty – pale blue or green can be as beautiful as it gets but then dark brown/grey/black can be as beautiful as it gets too. Whichever I’m looking at is the ‘best’, y’know?

    His lips are also amazing, that wet look is soo gorgeous.

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