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10 Responses to “Gloria”

  1. Alan Dwight says:

    in excelsis Deo! Love the freckles with the blond hair!

  2. Jonathon says:

    This boy was sent down by the angels to me to admire him, and the devil to torture me with his beauty. The freckles are a huge turn on for me.

    • miles says:

      dear Jonathon, b’lieve me: There is no devil around you – or anyone else – to torture you, cause devils only exist in the phantasy of religions.

  3. KangarooDave says:

    So beautiful. While I still do wish there was more diversity when it came to the boys, I do absolutely love the pale pretty blond look.

    As for the ethnicities though, I’d love to see more East Asian boys (Japanese, Korean & Thai especially) and cute/soft fem black boys who are such a rare treat.

    Because I like ‘femininity’ rather than handsomeness (it’s not really girliness, just the cute & sweet look rather than traditional masculinity) and because most have their hair shaved or at most really short afro, it takes a lot more softness to break through and be attractive to me but man when it does it’s just divine.

    I was lucky enough to see the prettiest most beautiful black boy (about 12yo) at my work a few weeks ago but I have to see people probably three times before I can remember their face so I’d love to find some photos I can get lost in. It’s not something you can easily search for seeing as ‘normal’ people won’t label boys pretty in photo names/descriptions.

    I wouldn’t know how to go about sharing a post suggestion myself but if I do find photos of the sort of boy I’m talking about, I’ll let you know somehow. -KD

    • Jonathon says:

      While I do agree, I enjoy seeing pale boys. I think if they’re going to show white boys that they should be like this.

  4. Alan Dwight says:

    I do agree with Kangaroo Dave about adding more diversity, in addition to his suggestions I would also like to see Middle Eastern boys. Iranian boys can be beautiful as can many others.

  5. Jonathon says:

    I want to see boys with freckles like this but more, because I think freckles are underappreciated.

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