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11 Responses to “Gloria”

  1. Alan Dwight says:

    in excelsis Deo! Love the freckles with the blond hair!

  2. Jonathon says:

    This boy was sent down by the angels to me to admire him, and the devil to torture me with his beauty. The freckles are a huge turn on for me.

    • miles says:

      dear Jonathon, b’lieve me: There is no devil around you – or anyone else – to torture you, cause devils only exist in the phantasy of religions.

  3. KangarooDave says:

    So beautiful. While I still do wish there was more diversity when it came to the boys, I do absolutely love the pale pretty blond look.

    As for the ethnicities though, I’d love to see more East Asian boys (Japanese, Korean & Thai especially) and cute/soft fem black boys who are such a rare treat.

    Because I like ‘femininity’ rather than handsomeness (it’s not really girliness, just the cute & sweet look rather than traditional masculinity) and because most have their hair shaved or at most really short afro, it takes a lot more softness to break through and be attractive to me but man when it does it’s just divine.

    I was lucky enough to see the prettiest most beautiful black boy (about 12yo) at my work a few weeks ago but I have to see people probably three times before I can remember their face so I’d love to find some photos I can get lost in. It’s not something you can easily search for seeing as ‘normal’ people won’t label boys pretty in photo names/descriptions.

    I wouldn’t know how to go about sharing a post suggestion myself but if I do find photos of the sort of boy I’m talking about, I’ll let you know somehow. -KD

    • Jonathon says:

      While I do agree, I enjoy seeing pale boys. I think if they’re going to show white boys that they should be like this.

      • KangarooDave says:

        Not disagreeing with me there! “I do absolutely love the pale pretty blond look”

        I love all sorts of complexions but when it comes to white skin, milky pale is by far my favourite look. I’m the guy that hates when girls (as in young women) come back from holiday and get compliments from their jealous friends for ruining their milky complexion by turning themselves red!

        Tanned white can look gorgeous on some people, usually if they’re actually from a hot country unlike England here, but usually they’re not coming back looking golden brown but red. I’ll never understand why most women here think that looks better than their natural untanned complxion.

  4. Alan Dwight says:

    I do agree with Kangaroo Dave about adding more diversity, in addition to his suggestions I would also like to see Middle Eastern boys. Iranian boys can be beautiful as can many others.

  5. Jonathon says:

    I want to see boys with freckles like this but more, because I think freckles are underappreciated.

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