force tranquille

Rating 2.34 out of 5

2 Responses to “force tranquille”

  1. Angie Jaoude says:

    ~Itz Been an hour,& im still saying WOW..!!! I Swear,,This Iss The Most CUTTEST GUY i have EVER seen!! OMG Amazing Hairr,Blond,Wavyy WoW,Perfect Smile(: ,Perfect Eyes ^.^ ,,The Most Adorable face. & I thought Justin Bieber Waz Cutte.!!!<3 This Guy Looks Like An Angel o:) He shouldnt even be rated,,he Broke The Scale.!!!<3

  2. Delicate says:

    Mit ruhigem Blick aus wasserblauen Augen geleitest du uns durch stürmische Zeiten.

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