sweet Dakota

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  1. miles says:

    a dreamy look, blue eyes,wonderful hair, and his face sprinkled with just so little freckles. thanks
    hugs <3

    • aliona says:

      oooooooommmmmmmmmmmggggggggggg you’re sooooo cute dakota i really wish to meet you some day. please dont tell me its gonna be a long time. ohhh well ill wait for as long as it has to be.LOVE YOU ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and you’re a good actor!!!!!!!! i ment you’re an amazinggggg actor!!!!!!!!!! well cant wait to see more of your movies. i bet everyone’s gonna luv it!!!!!! good luck!!!!

  2. js says:

    I Hope there’s more of him

  3. Enrico says:

    His mother loves him too.

  4. AWESOME!!!!! Cutest guy ever. With the cutest smile ever totally hot! He has the perfect hair too.Dakota is Canadian hottness!! He is the total package he’s nice,has perfect hair and smiles. All the nerds in his school are so jealous because of your hottness!!

  5. What’s up hottness you are so adorable.We can stare at that picture ALL day!!! Marry me Dakota!!!!

  6. Nicolette says:

    Omg he is sooooo hot!!! I wish he was my boyfriend!!! I watched his new movie Real Steel!! He has awesome dance moves…… The movie was good too
    Love ya <3 😀

  7. anne says:

    I love Dakota Goyo , he is super cute !!! I watched his new film, he was fantastic !!! He is very, very, very,very hansome . I real love it.

    Marry with me !!!!

  8. anna says:

    Dakota Goyo is super, super , super cute . I love you . I whish he was
    my boyfriend ! I love Max , Dakota in the movie , it was fantastic.
    I love his dance moves in the movie. Dakota , out whith me,please!!
    I REAL love Dakota Goyo !!!

  9. admin says:

    Hi girls ! You’re welcome on my blog. Feel free to leave comments….

  10. Nicolette says:

    Me and my friend LOVE Dakota, too bad he is famouse! I called dibs on him between the two of us! She also already has a boyfriend so I would get him anyways!! O well, I <3 Dakota!!
    – Nicolette :)

  11. anna says:

    I know a grill who also likes Dakota, I know more than she about Dakota.
    I’ve got more possibilitties !!!!
    Grills,someone knows what school goes ? Please answer !!!
    I love Dakota !!!

  12. anna says:

    Grills, where are you from? Are you from Toronto, like Dakota ?
    Do you know it in person?

  13. Matthew work... says:

    You really influenced me to be a better person and you don’t even know it. I refuse to give my full name because of the dangers of the Internet. I might want to be an actor. You drastically changed my life. Thank you. All I want to do is to get to know you better, but in a noncreepy way like writting a letter and eventually move to bigger things like skype and eventually authentic face to face. Thank you

  14. anna says:

    Hello girls, I want to confess that it bothers me a little Dakota unaware that some of their best fans even exist that we are very far from he.I am sure that shall know you sooner or later. Good bye

  15. Violet says:

    I love Dakota!!! Love may be a strong word,but I do. When I see him it feels like I already know him. I wish I was in a movie with him or met him. I sometimes even lie to my friends about him! <3 😀

    • anna says:

      Violet, i love Dakota too. I wish the same like you ,is the hansome boy in the world!! I have printed some photos of him

  16. Violet says:

    Just thinking of him makes me wonder if he’d even like me.I just love him though, so much,I even watch videos of him.He’s so nice.It makes me feel bad about lying about him to my friends. I LOVE YOU, DAKOTA G.

  17. anna says:

    i love you, dakota you are my favourite actor and the perfect boy . i want to meet you. Dakota likes a lots of girls of my class. But I am the one who likes more Dakota , I’m going to make a reporage about he.
    I’m the girl who loves you more Dakota!!

  18. Violet says:

    I wish we were together.I wonder if he actually hates hamburgers? If he does I’d definitely be able to look past that.

  19. Violet says:

    I can’t stop thinking about him, he is SO cute!

  20. Violet says:

    I wonder what school he goes to? Not that I’m going to stalk him. I’m just wondering. Or where he lives? Then I’d be able to send letters. Let me know!! 😉

    • anna says:

      Violet i wanna know the same like you . I love him , he is perfect and , not only for his blue eyes, his blond hair, his perfect smile…
      Becouse i think he is a goos person , he is funny ….
      HE IS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!11

  21. cecilia says:

    he is excesively talented and cute he has the perfect combination of what every girl dreams with .

  22. Violet says:

    Imagine what it would be like if I hung out with him. It would be just like a dream.(I sound like a fanatic,I know). I wish at least this dream could come true, it’s my dream of all dreams.

  23. anna says:

    i love dakota , my friends say that i’m never gonna meet he but i know that it isn’t true .

  24. ludmii says:

    dakota i you love

  25. ludmii says:

    =) loveeee dakotaaa

  26. Violet says:

    Just knowing he is nice has made me decide to tell my friends the truth. I long to act with and meet him. Surprisingly, I’m not too bad at acting. I’ll find you someday Dakota Goyo, I LOVE YOU!!!(And I can’t wait for that day to come!!)

  27. agustina says:

    dakota i love you re you’re very cute love

  28. anna says:

    i love dakota goyo!!! is only i can say!! he is amazing , handsome and in my schol is a boy than it is like dakota, but he is unfriendly, a litle bit… I think than Dakota isnt undfriendly.

  29. Violet says:

    I’m sorry Dakota, but Parker has asked me out. So I can’t be with you, but I’ll say I’m very fond of you instead.

  30. Violet says:

    My fondness for you is very strong. At least my dream of acting with you still lives on. I’m very fond Dakota G.!!

  31. Delicate says:

    Would you like to marry me? But… I have no chance. There are so many admirers. Let’s weep… but at least we have the movies.

  32. sara says:

    eu fodia co tigo

  33. dakota lover says:

    i love you so much i think of you all day long your smile is just so cute
    wish you were mine!marry me dakota!i luv your movies!you are my celebrity crush. i dreamed i kissed you and that was my best dream.can please make my dream come true?you are so adorable

  34. dakota lover says:

    i wanna smooch wid u dakota.you are my first and last.please marry me!i <3 u.u are so adorable!
    u are mine

  35. anna says:

    i love you really dakota , you are my future boyfriend and my future husband!!! mary me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. krisha agura says:

    i really really loooooooove him!!!!! he is so cute!!! i wish i could meet him!!!!! lots of love!!! hugs and kisses from krisha!!! :)

  37. Nyla Goyo says:

    See my last name yea I WILL MARRY DAKOTA i luv u dakota I LOVE UR EYES

  38. OldMan54 says:

    Young girls aren’t the only people who think Dakota is cute. He’s the hottest boy celebrity today.

  39. anna says:

    I love Dakota Goyo

  40. Anna says:

    Sorry but now i’m in love with Jason Smith!!!
    Perhaps Dakota’s handsome than Jason but i think Jason and I will make a perfect couple!!!

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